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VeCAD DLL/OCX 6.0: 3D vector graphics library, primary used to create CAD/GIS applications drawing applications (CAD/GIS). The library is furnished in two discreet formats; as a run-time Windows 32 bit DLL; and, as an OCX (ActiveX control). Both are included. These components can be used with applications written in the popular Visual IDE languages such as Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder and Visual C++. The VeCAD package also includes a powerful CAD editor in executable form, based entirely on the VeCAD engine. Use this application to

AEC 3D ReBar 1.0: 3D modeling application, bar bending scheduler determinesdrawing extents, draws
AEC 3D ReBar 1.0

drawings with dimensioning and quantity estimation. This need is now fulfilled by the revolutionary application that comes from the AEC application package. To meet the demands of value engineers regarding time, cost and effective, an automation manager like AEC 3D Rebar is needed. AEC 3D Rebar is a 3D modeling application and bar bending scheduler. From a given input 2D AutoCAD plans, the program AEC 3D Rebar automatically starts a Setup Wizard,

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JFDraw 1.8.0: JFDraw is a pure Java based graphics application and library package
JFDraw 1.8.0

application and library package. JFDraw used a little features of Java2D, and expanded a lot of graph routines for more complex vector graph processing. You can run JFDraw under any operating systems that suport Java. JFDraw is focused on vector graph drawing field. It can help you to complete your mechanical, electronic, architectural graphs drawing applications, or even business process or workflow graphs issues. Written by pure text based editor

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PowerDraw 3.0: Draw any figure in minutes easily, and share it in anywhere.
PowerDraw 3.0

drawing application which you can easily draw any type of drawing. PowerDraw is designed in between CAD and Desktop Publishing style so you can use the ease of DTP with the power of cad core. Using mouse actions or control methods to handle drawings. Drawing line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, bezier, circle, ellipse, arc, pie, chord and text on the Designer Canvas. Modifying the drawed figures. Using layers and layer operations like merging. Using

drawing, autocad, powerdraw, draw, powercad, vector

Paper/Picture 2 DXF 2.0: Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files.
Paper/Picture 2 DXF 2.0

Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files for editing in your CAD application. Scan a drawing or open a picture from your hard disk. The program recognizes the lines and saves the result as a DXF file. This saves much of time and money if you need to import paper drawings into your CAD application.

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PowerCad 2D Component 3.0: Make your own AutoCAD, CorelDraw, FreeHand without single line of code!
PowerCad 2D Component 3.0

PowerCAD technology is developed to provide the application programmers a reusable object library to develop CAD modules for their applications easily. With the PowerCad component you can make a 2D CAD editor with almost no code.With its easy interface, you can handle all drawing needs in your own application including from simplest operation to the most complex one. Your application will be a fully powercad CAD application with scripting.

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Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1: Sketsa is a cross platform vector drawing application based on SVG.
Sketsa SVG Editor 7.0.1

Sketsa is a cross platform vector drawing application based on SVG. Sketsa features various tools for optimizing content creation, giving designers unsurpassed support for creativity. This tools include property palette, source editor, defs editor, SVG specific shape tools, transformation tools, and additional illustration tools. It uses SVG as a native file format.

drawing, vector graphics, illustrator, graphics editor

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